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The Catholic Funeral at Saint Bonaventure Parish

We are never ready for the death of a loved one. At Saint Bonaventure Church it is our hope to ease your burden by offering the following information to help you plan the liturgy for your loved one who has passed to eternal life.

St. Bonaventure has a bereavement team to help with your planning decisions at this difficult time. They understand the sense of loss and unspoken and unidentifiable feelings you are experiencing. They will assist with the planning of the funeral, offer to make phone calls for you and help in any other way that is useful.

When a loved one dies or death is impending it is very important to notify the church first before making other funeral plans. If your loved one is to be cremated – cremation takes a minimum of 5 days to obtain the ashes. If you are planning a funeral, please contact the parish office at (714) 846-3359.

For a complete list of important information in funeral planning, please see Funeral Planning below.

Planning a Funeral


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The following is necessary information when planning your loved ones funeral:

1. People needed

  1. 2 people for readings and intercessions
  2. 2 people for gifts
  3. Family members for the pall
  4. Contact phone numbers
  5. Arrive 30 minutes before the funeral

2. Flowers

If it is expected there would an abundance of flowers you may want to have a charity in mind in lieu of flowers.

3. Pictures

One approximately 8 x 10 and a small one for the memory board.

4. Biography with the following information

  1. Where Born
  2. Baptized
  3. Heritage
  4. Schools
  5. Work and where worked
  6. Married – how long
  7. Children and names
  8. Grandchildren and names
  9. Characteristics
  10. Hobbies
  11. Died (when, sick how long)
  12. Anointed

If deceased is to be cremated – cremation takes a minimum of 5 days to obtain the ashes.

NOTE: Bereavement Ministers may offer to make phone calls for the family or help in any other way that is useful.

Information to help you when meeting with the bereavement minister to plan the funeral for your loved one.

  1. A family member or friend may be invited by the Priest to come forward prior to the beginning of the funeral Mass to say a few words of remembrance (not to exceed five minutes or one page of typewritten material).
  2. A funeral Mass may be celebrated in the morning, afternoon or on some weekday evening depending on the availability of the Church and Priest.
  3. The Scriptural and Vigil service is the preferred form community prayer the night or day before the Funeral Mass and may be held in the mortuary or in the church.
  4. The Rosary may also be prayed in the Church or mortuary.
  5. The family is invited to choose the Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospel readings during the funeral planning meeting. A book of various readings will be made available for review at this time.
  6. Normally the Responsorial Psalm is sung and is chosen by the Music Director. If the family has a preference the Music Director will try to accommodate them.
  7. Family members or friends may read the Old Testament Reading, New Testament Reading, and the Funeral intercessions. Copies of the chosen readings will be made available so the readers will be able to practice the readings, and acquaint themselves with the microphone before Mass begins. Scripture readings are read from the ambo (pulpit).
  8. The family will also be asked to choose gift presenters.
  9. The gifts of bread and wine may be brought to the altar by members of the family or by friends.
  10. If a large number of people are expected to receive Communion an additional Eucharistic Minister will be prepared to assists.
  11. The Priest may extend to the congregation an invitation to accompany the family to the cemetery if burial is after the Mass.
  12. The fees are as follows: $150 .00 each for organist and cantor, and $100.00 each for the priest and church.


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