Capital Campaign

It’s not too late to pledge

The Capital Campaign Committee and I have challenged everyone to consider making a sacrificial gift for the success of our campaign. And in response, our gifts have come in all shapes and sizes, with families making gifts from $500 up to over $100,000. We have asked each family to consider a pledge of $4,000 or more payable over 3 years. As you may remember our Campaign is being conducted on the basis of “equal sacrifice, not equal gifts.” A gift of $4,000 over three years is little more than $4 a day, less than a Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks! Please know we are grateful for whatever you are able to do.

Thank You for your generosity!

Thank you to the families who have responded so generously to our campaign! If everyone does what they are able to, we will be successful!

There are several ways to make your pledge payments:

For those that receive monthly envelopes, Capital Campaign envelopes are included. Simply enclose cash or check in the envelope and drop into the collection basket. Payments can also be made through Parish Pay, Electronic Giving, Gifts of Stock and IRA’s.