• Daily Readings

    These daily readings are intended as an aid for daily prayer and meditation and are updated daily.

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  • Eucharistic Ministry To The Sick And Homebound

    Eucharistic Ministry To The Sick And Homebound Now Available on Weekdays. This ministry is an extension of the Eucharistic Ministers who visit the Sick and Homebound on Sundays. We bring Holy Communion on weekdays to our fellow parishioners, who for reasons of age, health, lack of transportation or temporary incapacities such as surgical recovery, are not able to attend daily Mass in person. Bringing the Real Presence of Jesus … Continue reading

  • California’s Proposed Assisted Suicide Law

    BACKGROUND The End of Life Option Act, SB 128, was introduced to the California legislature on Jan. 21. If the bill fails, its supporters promise a ballot initiative in 2016. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR VULNERABLE POPULATIONS This proposed legislation has serious policy implications for the poor, disabled and elderly who may be pressured to end their lives because of medical expenses and their so-called “burden” on loved ones. … Continue reading

Father's Corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, My mother loved to work in her garden. To keep her from getting on a ladder to prune her trees I bought her a pole-mounted pruning hook. But she would still get up on the ladder with her little pruning scissors. To discourage her from doing this I would get the pole-mounted pruning hook and start trimming the trees while my mom … Continue reading

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