• Daily Readings

    These daily readings are intended as an aid for daily prayer and meditation and are updated daily.

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  • Lenten Regulations & Recommendations 2015

    To learn more about thepractice of Penance, click on the image above. In accordance with the provisions of Canon Law (cf. Canons 1249-1253) as implemented by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops for the United States, the following regulations are to be observed by Catholics in the Diocese of Orange in their penitential practices: 1. It is to be noted fi rst of all that it is by Divine Law … Continue reading

  • World Marriage Day

    Sunday, February 8 is World Marriage Day which honors husband and wife as head of the family, the basic unit of society. It salutes the beauty of their faithfulness, sacrifice and joy in daily married life. Theme The Theme for World Marriage Day has been permanently adopted as “Love One Another.” This phrase is the commandment given us by Jesus in John 15:12. It speaks to us in … Continue reading


    Office Reading on the Feast Day of Teachers A Homily on the Gospel of Matthew by Saint John Chrysostom, Bishop We must be concerned for the children’s good  By the words: Their angels see my Father’s face and for this purpose have I come, and this is my Father’s will, the Lord is calling for greater care from those who are in charge of children. Do you not … Continue reading

Father's Corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I’ve been told I pick strange places for vacations. One place I like visiting is Death Valley. The name doesn’t give it justice. Yes, temperatures and conditions can be extreme but there is beauty in the wilderness. There is stillness. And in the stillness there is time for prayer and so time to be with God. Once you get past Furnace Creek … Continue reading

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